Amazing Customer Response From Unity Music Packs

I'm blown away by all the great customer reviews for my Music Packs in the Unity Asset Store.

Michael knows how to make music for games. This is AAA professional stuff. Music sounds amazing.
Forget game development, I’ve been listening to these tunes on repeat mode all morning.
This asset contains some of the greatest tunes I have sampled, most are already in my game and i could not be happier finding out this gem for this price.
La Manna does good work that can enhance your game. Give it a listen.
Thanks for this. Dam bloody cheap price. Again thanks and please keep making more.
We need different styles of music, and for horror the asset store already has some music that’s lightly spooky, hardcore scary, and dark. This pack adds some suspenseful modern beats and drones, and has music suitable for scene setting, GUI, and ambient loops.