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Just Released, Epic Adventure Music Pack 1 on the Unity Asset Store

For a limited time purchase at the introductory price of $25, once pack has been updated with additional content regular price will be $45 

Whether your exploring an ancient tomb or traveling down the Amazon River, Epic Adventure Music Pack 1 will set the mood. Combining sounds from the Middle East, South American and traditional orchestration this hybrid soundtrack will fit perfectly with any action-adventure game. The main tracks are broken down into sub loops to give the user a broader spectrum of music. 


Spring Sale

Since my birthday is in April I'm running a Spring SALE on all my music packs!

SALE ENDS April 9th.

Spring SALE on all Music Packs now on the Unity Asset Store.

Fantasy Music Pack 1 and 2 = Usually $45 NOW ONLY $20!
Badlands Music Pack 1 and 2 = Usually $45 NOW ONLY $20!
Fantasy Music Pack 3 = Usually $45 NOW ONLY $25!
Galactic Adventures Music Pack 1, 2 and 3 = Usually $35 NOW ONLY $20!
Whimsical Adventure Music Pack 1 and 2 = Usually $35 NOW ONLY $15!
Retro Music Pack = Usually $25 NOW ONLY $15! 

And Many More Great Deals

Sound Effects Pack 1 Now On The Unity Asset Store

Sound Effects Pack 1 contains over 160 sound effects suited for video game and media development. Included are sounds effects from my previous music packs and a plethora of new sound creations. From organic sounds recorded while hiking to synthesis sounds created in the studio, this library covers multiple game genres.

Stereo and mono files are included for every sound effect.


Fantasy Music Pack 3 Now On The Unity Asset Store

The final volume in the Fantasy Music Pack series, Fantasy Music Pack 3 - The Atmospheres. Packed with over 25 minutes of seamless looping music and ambience fit for any fantasy based video game. Included are atmospheres perfect for traveling through a medieval town or city, exploring caves and dungeons or venturing into an enchanted forest. Also included are seamless looping nature sounds and a multitude of organic sound effects. Layer the atmosphere tracks on top of the seamless looping nature ambience for a AAA sound. Combine with Fantasy Music Pack 1 & Fantasy Music Pack 2for a full sound experience.