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Casual Game Pack 1 Now On AudioJungle

Casual Game Pack 1

Whether you’re a gallant gingerbread knight traveling through an enchanted forest or attempting to leap across fluffy clouds with a single bound, Casual Game Music Pack 1 is for you. It contains five upbeat quirky musical pieces filled with orchestral instruments, synths and percussions.



Tromping Along – Loop Version 01:04 & Fade Version 01:08

Adventure Awaits – Loop Version 01:15 & Fade Version 01:18

Discovery – Loop Version 01:13 & Fade Version 01:18

Wilderness Explorer – Loop Version 01:13 & Fade Version 01:18

Trouble – Loop Version 01:13 & Fade Version 01:19

New Music & Sound EFX's On AudioJungle

Now on AudioJungle "The Last Knight"

Acoustic guitar, flutes, strings, staccato strings, percussion and all instruments needed for that perfect fantasy/medieval setting. Written for video game development it also includes a seamless looped wav file to drop into any game engine.

Epic Attacks

Perfect sound effect for anything needing a crushing blow. You get 4 versions perfect for any video game needing attack sound effects.

24hr Sale 50% off in Unity Asset Store, Fantasy Music Pack 2

For the next 24hr's get Fantasy Music Pack 2 at 50% off in the Unity Asset Store.

Fantasy Music Pack 2 is the perfect companion to Fantasy Music Pack 1, with over 25 minutes of seamless looping music and 10 epic stingers. Included are ambient tracks with rich layers and textures, battle music full of epic percussion and ideal music for exploring. The main tracks are broken down into sub ambient loops to give the user a broader spectrum of music. 

Galactic Adventure Music Pack 2 now in the Unity Store

Continue your Sci-Fi missions with Galactic Adventure Music Pack 2. Over 10 minutes of Seamless Looping music to drop into any Sci-Fi based video game. Included are tracks for combat, exploring, menu or just visiting your local intergalactic watering hole. Lush pads, heavy hitting drums and a slew of synths brings your game to life.

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