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Casual Game Pack 1 Now On AudioJungle

Casual Game Pack 1

Whether you’re a gallant gingerbread knight traveling through an enchanted forest or attempting to leap across fluffy clouds with a single bound, Casual Game Music Pack 1 is for you. It contains five upbeat quirky musical pieces filled with orchestral instruments, synths and percussions.



Tromping Along – Loop Version 01:04 & Fade Version 01:08

Adventure Awaits – Loop Version 01:15 & Fade Version 01:18

Discovery – Loop Version 01:13 & Fade Version 01:18

Wilderness Explorer – Loop Version 01:13 & Fade Version 01:18

Trouble – Loop Version 01:13 & Fade Version 01:19

Sound Effects Pack 1 Now On The Unity Asset Store

Sound Effects Pack 1 contains over 160 sound effects suited for video game and media development. Included are sounds effects from my previous music packs and a plethora of new sound creations. From organic sounds recorded while hiking to synthesis sounds created in the studio, this library covers multiple game genres.

Stereo and mono files are included for every sound effect.